Refill yourself with pleasure

During a single incall London full body massage session you will have the chance of experiencing any number of special erotic massage techniques refined by our beautiful and talented masseuses. All these massage techniques have been originated in the ancient Orient and were the favourite method of the rulers of the land to spoil themselves. Over the course of time, these erotic and sensual massage techniques have been adjusted to better fit the requirements of the man receiving the special therapy – now, in our modern times, they are what you have been searching for when it comes to pleasure and relaxation.

All the beautiful models that you see aren’t just the embodiments of passion and lust, but also professional therapists that have learned all the secrets of these special massage techniques. And given their vast experience, during a single incall London full body massage session, you will be able to express and feel on your own skin as your deepest desires and fantasies come to life. This is the secret of our success: the fact that our talented masseuses can work each little fantasy of a man into the actual therapy.

You may have had nuru before, just like you may have had tantric massages or any other kind of erotic and sensual therapies. But we know for certain that only our naughty models know what should be done for all of these techniques to be blended into a single unforgettable session. Here is just a single idea as to how a therapy could unfold.

It could all begin with a small conversation over a glass of red wine, during which your lovely masseuses will detail each of the massage techniques to be used. Then it could continue with an amazing soapy massage, which will acquaint both of you with each other. Then it can all be taken on the comfortable air mattress, where the intimacy will reach unspeakable heights during a tantric segment. Moving on, nuru is definitely what should be tried next. You will literally feel like exploding well before the incall London full body massage ends, so this is when a lingam massage technique will be used.

No need to worry if you cannot handle all the intimate touching – most of the men that have visited us for the first time had multiple orgasms during the same session. Our beautiful and experienced masseuses always know what to do in order to help you maintain your erection or regain it. In the end, after you have recovered all your strengths and replenished all the vitality you have lost during the entire day, the perfect ending should be another soapy massage session.

But then again this is what we believe that every man wants. But every man is special in his own way and every man has his own needs and fantasies. Call us and tell us which one is yours and our naughty angels will make it all happen. In the end, as you will walk away from us with a big and satisfied smile, you will have experienced unforgettable moments and you will too think about calling us again.

We are waiting for you. Come and have your first incall London full body massage session and your will never feel disappointment.

Exquisite Japanese techniques

The best way in which you can spend your evening, before a new week starts, is by appealing to our incall  full body massage London therapists, who will be more than glad to show you a pleasant and relaxing time. You might have heard before about this technique, during which the beautiful masseuse uses her entire body in order to massage yours – body sliding, body to body massage, or nuru massage, this is all the same thing: one of the most sensual massage techniques.

Coming from Japan, the body to body massage it is obviously a technique during which sexual touching will occur – however, this doesn’t mean that things will escalate towards a full sexual intercourse. As said, it will be just like that, with the beautiful therapist pressing and sliding her tight yoni on top of the client’s erect lingam. This way, all the tension hidden deep within the man’s body is revealed, giving thus the masseuse the opportunity of chasing it away.

Of course, hygiene is very important during a incall  full body massage London session, just like with any other regular massage. The difference is, however, that your beautiful masseuse will take care of this little aspect too, being very inviting when she goes in order to cleanse herself, before the session has started. So, since she will be delighted to share the tight space of the shower cabin with you, you should follow her – stay relaxed, because while in the bathroom she will take care of your clothes in the most visually stunning way. What better way to start an extremely erotic massage session but a quick soapy massage during the shower?

This initial teasing will also be the perfect way in which the two of you will get acquainted with each other’s body – and we can tell you that your beautiful therapist can hardly wait to lay you on the comfortable air mattress, to straddle you, and to pour copious amounts of nuru gel all over your body. Your beautiful incall  full body massage London therapist can hardly wait to spread all of this nuru gel all over your body until you are completely soaked and then, as if it was nothing, to glide all over you. The pleasure you will experience will be incommensurable – but rest assured, because your beautiful masseuse certainly knows what she is doing. She will help you, if necessary, maintain your erection without climaxing even once during the session.

This final moment, this final stroke will be in the end of the session, when the entire sexual tension was revealed and when just a simple touch will make you explode. The intensity and the duration of the exquisite pleasure will lead you immediately into a world of calmness and peace, into a world which will simply replenish all your batteries.

You will see that after only one incall  full body massage London session everything will be better in your life, since now you are filled with new vitality. Convince yourself that you can make the best decision and call us – make your first appointment and then congratulate yourself: this was a winning bet!

As you will walk away from our massage parlour, you will be surprised to how happy and smiling you are. And then we can promise you one more thing, besides your complete satisfaction: you will come and visit us again and again, as often as possible.