A man’s massage therapy

The Incall lingam massage London therapy will open new doors of pleasure for any man that comes to us. The lingam massage technique is of Oriental origins and it was one of the few massage techniques with which the ancient kings used to spoil themselves.

Lingam is a Sanskrit word which can be roughly translated with the expression wand of light. In other words, it expresses the fact that the man’s intimate parts are just a vessel through which his light (or his essence) flows. We can help you achieve that. We can bring you this kind of meaningful pleasure. You can feel the satisfaction of truly bonding with someone with the help of our professional and experienced masseuses.

However, don’t expect to just jump on the massage table and have her finish you off as fast as possible. Time is required for such a massage therapy to be considered a successful one. Time is required so that you will be able to relax for a bit and make yourself comfortable before the actual Incall lingam massage London session begins.

Your beautiful masseuse will welcome you in your own private massage room with a sincere smile and a glass of red wine. Talk with her for a bit, and she will explain you everything that will happen. This is also the best opportunity to find out all about the benefits of this kind of massage technique. As you will find out, this sessions won’t just bring you and increased stamina, but will also help you with certain health problems. Your beautiful masseuse will be more than happy to tell you everything about it.

Then follow her into the shower, where she will give you your first real soapy massage – this isn’t just for the body’s hygiene, but also for her to know exactly what actually pleases you. This is when you will also learn that your intimate area isn’t just your penis and your testicles. So be prepared, because pleasure can be found in other places too.

Only afterwards the magical Incall lingam massage London session will be moved on the massage table. The masseuse’s hand will touch you in ways you didn’t even think about, squeezing and stroking and caressing towards your greater pleasure. Don’t refrain yourself, because she knows plenty of tricks that will prolong your erection. Also, it is a common thing for a man to have several orgasms during his first special massage – your lovely therapist will know what to do in order to make your hard again.

In the end, if you have followed her lead, you will meet the greatest pleasure of your life: intensity and duration like you have never experienced before will help you achieve a state of deep relaxation. As said before, this is the ultimate goal: to help you regain all your strength and vitality.

A single massage session with any of our lovely models will do wonders to your physical and spiritual health. Just imagine what will happen if you will come again to us, as often as your schedule allows it.

Call us now and make your first Incall lingam massage London appointment: the hands of our beautiful masseuses will show you the true meaning of satisfaction.

Intense sensations, for gentlemen only

If you want to reach the highest peaks of pleasure, then there is only one place to go: our Incall London lingam massage parlour, where the most beautiful and talented ladies are waiting. As you might now, the lingam massage is a therapy during which the masseuse focuses her entire attention on a gentleman’s intimate area. Of course, one may assume that this is just an offering of escort services.

And we understand why many people believe that: after all, most of the special massage parlours employ amateurs or even escorts.

And these ladies, while more than able to bring a happy end, won’t bring you the benefits of the actual lingam massage therapy.

And there are quite a few – most notably, the fact that it prevents some of the most terrifying illnesses which can occur to a man. In here, we must mention that the lingam massage is not at all a massage performed only on the penis. A Incall London lingam massage session also presumes massaging the testicles, as well as the perineum (the latter being, in fact, an external massage of the prostate).

We can also say that most gentlemen who visit us for the first time cannot refrain from having an orgasm even from the beginning of the session. Rest assured if this will be your case also – our sexy and naughty masseuses have enough experience to bring back your erection. In this way, we can say that another benefit of this amazing therapy is that it can cure most (if not all) sexual dysfunctions, such as premature ejaculation.

Of course, the therapy needs to be repeated for this to happen. But we are certain that just a single special lingam massage session with our beauties will convince you to come again.

We can also say that our special therapies aren’t hasted at all. And that is because there are no shortcuts when it comes to any therapy. In this way, it is essential for you to feel as comfortable and as relaxed as possible, even before the actual lingam massage session has started.

In this way, the perfect means for breaking the ice is to have a small conversation with your Incall London lingam massage expert, over a glass of red wine, before it all begins. And this will just set the mood of the therapy. Then, just like in the case of any other erotic and sensual massage session, one needs to take care of the personal hygiene.

But you don’t have to worry about that, because it will be the pleasure of your sexy and naughty angel to help you with it. So, when she will excuse herself for a quick shower, do follow her lead. An amazing soapy massage session will ensue, in the hot and bubbly bathtub. This won’t just lift all the barriers, but will also teach your personal masseuse what actually pleases you.

Lastly, there is one other benefit which can be taken. And that is the deep and total relaxation. If you follow the lead of your masseuse, then just a couple of minutes in the end will be more than enough to help you replenish the lost vitality, no matter how hard your week was.

So do call us and do make your first Incall London lingam massage appointment with any of our professional masseuses. Reach out and take all the pleasure you can take!