Japanese exquisite pleasure

The incall London nuru massage is one like none other – while the nuru massage technique was invented in Japan several hundreds of years ago, our beautiful therapists have refined it and transformed it into one of the most sensual massage techniques ever. It was already sensual and erotic in nature. Now it is even more.

The basics are all the same and rely very much on the nuru gel, which is a special oil used during the massage. Made from the nori seaweed, this oil is transparent, odourless, and tasteless. But most important it is one of the most lubricant gels used during a massage – and this is important because the technique presumes that the masseuse will use her entire body in order to massage the client. The gel will make the entire experience even more pleasant.Inserează/Editează ancoră

But our experienced therapists have added a little something of their own – so now the incall London nuru massage therapy is one which combines the elements of nuru with the elements of tantrism. In other words, the atmosphere created is one of romanticism, which will get you and your beautiful masseuse close to each other in a different way than the physical one.

In other words, we can say that you won’t feel for a bit just like another client, as it happens at any other massage parlour. Instead, it will be as if your masseuse is an old friend with whom you haven’t met in a very long time. And how could you spend the time with such a friend other than at the candle light, with a glass of red wine and soft tunes playing in the background?

Your bond will be even greater once your nude masseuse will take your hand and lead you to the bubbly bathtub, where a hot soapy massage awaits for you. Sharing that tight space won’t be just for cleansing the body, but also for you to get acquainted with hers. This way she will also know what pleases you even before you have reached the air mattress.

The actual nuru session will take place on a very comfortable air mattress. Once you lay on it, your beautiful incall London nuru massage therapist will straddle you and pour copious amounts of nuru gel on your body. After massaging you with her hands in the beginning and after both of you are completely soaked, then you can say that the magic has begun – this will be an experience for all your senses, an experience which won’t be easily forgotten.

Of course, all the intimate touching will make you explode towards the ending of the therapy. It is now when your beautiful masseuse will concentrate her entire attention on your intimate area. While this seems like something which can be done at home, you will never feel the same pleasure that you feel at the hands of an expert. The pleasure will be so intense and it will last so long that you will immediately descend into a state of deep and complete relaxation – and, after all, this should be the purpose of any massage therapy.

If you believe that this is the treatment you would like to receive, than call us and make your first incall London nuru massage appointment. We are waiting for you!

The art of nuru

A incall nuru massage London session will show you that this very erotic and sensual massage technique isn’t all about sexuality – this is in fact an art and not many masseuses are professional and experienced enough to reveal its secrets. Usually, special massage parlours greet their clients with amateur masseuses or simple escorts. And this is never enough, because these women just want for the man to reach his climax as soon as possible. This is short-lived pleasure that actually harms the man – he didn’t release all his sexual tension, so he will end up more tired than before arriving and thus without having relaxed for a bit.

Our talented masseuses aren’t just gorgeous looking. They have mastered all the secrets of the nuru massage technique and they want to share them with you. Nuru is so erotic and sensual in nature because it relies heavily not just on how the incall nuru massage London therapist performs the therapy, but on the man’s imagination.

As you may know, a nuru therapy is also called body to body massage or full body massage. And that is because the masseuse uses her entire body in order to perform the therapy (and yes, that does mean that her yoni will touch the man’s lingam). Therefore, there are countless of positions which could be tried from the start. However, if the man’s imagination is used, the possibilities are limitless.

Another aspect of our approach concerns the tension from the man’s body. As implied, the tension needs to be gradually revealed. With each of her movements, the masseuse entices the man into creating little scenarios, into trying to guess the masseuse’s next movements. And when that man speaks his mind, then his little scenarios become a reality and the tension becomes revealed.

The masseuse can then proceed further, with the sensuality and eroticism being increased as the session progresses. And that happens until a final point, when her body’s pressure will be concentrated onlyInserează/Editează ancoră on the man’s intimate area (don’t worry, our beautiful angels have enough experience in order to provoke only pleasure and no pain). This way, the incall nuru massage London session always ends on the highest peaks of pleasure.

And this in turn will lead to the second (and probably most important) part of the therapy, which can last for as long as the man needs. The intense pleasure is followed by deep and total relaxation, moments during which the man completely switches of and replenishes his vital energies. These are very important moments, even if just because other masseuses wouldn’t let that same man relax and would see him out the door as soon as possible. But everybody can linger in the company of our lovely angels for as long as they want – a sincere smile is everything our beautiful masseuses want.

So call us now and let our experienced therapists show you what a real nuru session actually is. Make a first appointment with any of the beauties that you see and any of them will give you the incall nuru massage London of your dreams. Call us now and let us greet you – call us now and greet satisfaction!